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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Solid Biomass

There is a huge amount of biomass products that can be used to heat up homes, or provide energy to entire cities.  The reality is that traditional biomasses probably resonates in the mind of the public such as wood pellets, but the truth is that there are many alternative products that has real potential.  ScanTico tries to work towards identifying them, and we aim to provide a product that will give the biggest bang for the money spent.  Usually companies that buy biomasses will look for the highest calorific values per kilo or ton, but there are in fact more considerations to biomass.  For instance if the product needs to travel far then it needs to have a good stowage factor to reduce logistics costs, and other considerations will be whether the product provides energy only or heating as well.  There is a whole host of items to look for as a buyer and seller, and we try to help our customers through this.

An example is that we source sugar cane waste material, that could meet both heating and energy requirements, but not only that it could also be used for better and cheaper insulation in homes,  Then there are biomasses from waste materials such as sludge from water treatment sites used in biogas plants, or even your own used cooking oil can be used in biodiesel products.

Biomass Alfalfa has considerable potential as a feedstock for production of ethanol and other industrial materials because of its high biomass production, perennial nature, ability to provide its own nitrogen fertilizer, and valuable co-products.
Biomass Bagasse is a fibrous material leftover after juice is extracted from sugarcane, which can produce enough electricity to power homes and even provide for heating solutions. As a general rule for every 10 metric tons of sugarcane crushed, a sugar factory produces nearly 3 metric tons of wet bagasse, which then can be used in cogeneration power plants. 
 almonds Almond shells is a great example of how raw materials that in principle are completely sustainable for the environment, as there is no need to cut down trees or clear land of plants and therefore totally clean.   


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