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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Liquid Products

Our Liquid Products - Used Cooking Oil

It would be great if there were companies that could find a way to provide a fuel to use in cars, a product that gives good clean mileage and doesn't cost too much. What if we could use a material that is commonly available in every household for fuel?

What if we can use a substance that no one really knows how to dispose of once it has completely served its primary purpose: A product that poses serious environmental issues when thrown away, or just sits at home in the garage taking up space until you have to pay someone to take it away properly. Its probably something people would just give it to us if we asked, right? Our proposed product is Used Cooking Oil.


Our Liquid Products - Virgin Oils

As a prime example of how virgin oils can be good for our clean fuel efforts, there are big initiatives for using oils like canola seed. The canola seed has between 35 and 40 per cent oil content, which is higher than many similar oil seeds including soybeans, which by comparison contains approximately 18 per cent oil. This means that canola is an extremely efficient feedstock for biodiesel production. There are crops in canola producing countries that have averaged around 43 per cent oil content over the past three years and is likely to make even further oil content gains as research is continued.

The new quality standards set for variety registration in some countries will see oil content in new varieties increase about 1.2 per cent over the next five years. This change will ensure canola continues to deliver more oil per unit seed, improving processing efficiency.

ScanTico is planning to start its own growth of a specific canola type that is not suitable for human consumption, grown in fields not normally suited for human food crops. The goal is to produce a high oil content product, which doesn’t contribute to food shortages and so we aim to be socially responsible


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