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Saturday, December 05, 2020

Consulting Services

The ScanTico Model
The main area of focus for our consulting work consists of working towards finding optimal solutions for challenges that they face in their project.  Sometimes our clients have clear ideas about their project, and understands what needs to be done, but in some case may lack the final edge to push it over the finish line. 

Other times it is a case of our clients having assets to create alternative energy, but have no off-taking opportunity within their network.  We work with investment companies, and do turnkey management for their projects, and make sure that their return on investment is ensured. The image to the right shows the end result of a sawmill we helped establish in Ghana for a Denmark based investment house.

Details on the project can be seen here

Where's The Trust

The truth is that the world that we live in is not particularly honest, the alternative energy marketplace is no exception. You will have sites such as Alibaba and similar sites where people or companies offer products for next to nothing. Please remember that, although there may be good deals to be reached through such websites, it is worth noting that if a deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. There is nothing wrong with calling up a supplier or a buyer, through sites like this, but there are infinite stories about people being immensely disappointed and worse still out of pocket of their initial investments.

We know the suppliers and buyers that we deal with, have verified them over time and will vouch for them. There is a guarantee of product for new customers, and we provide the products against solid payment methods with very stringent control mechanisms built into these financial tools before any funds are released to us. As our relationship is built we see that there is less need for these financial instruments, but that is something that comes over time.




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